Ancient Travellers

There and Back Again

Eraton from the Cretan town of Axos leaves home to find work as a soldier. His family is captured, sold into slavery and sent on a journey across the seas, but eventually see freedom and citizen rights restored.

A Greek Egyptian ‘Priest’ in Copenhagen

The marble face of an old man peeks from a corner in a Copenhagen museum. Archaeologist Sabine Neumann identifies him as an Egyptian religious specialist serving both a Greek community and his native gods.

“Have You Heard the News?”: Information Flow in the Ancient Mediterranean

Ancient Greece is often thought of as a fragmented and parochial world, where communication was slow and knowledge about what was going on was scarce. But if we take a closer look at the Mediterranean Sea that linked Greek, Phoenician, Italiote, African and Iberian communities in the ancient world, we get quite a different picture…